I am an artist who personally believes that “Art is the essence of your soul and personality coming to life in your work. I personally feel the emotions and thoughts provoked inside the viewer when seeing my art is the most important experience of being an artist.” When I was young I realized Art was in my soul; as I grew older I grew to understand –that being the case — my soul belongs to the world. Born and raised in a housing project in Harlem, NYC I sometimes struggled with the reality of some of my dismal surroundings, not understanding why, when I sometimes caught a glimpse of something from the corner of my eye, what I once viewed as dull gray turned into startlingly vivid color in my periphery.

The cultural and artistic impact the Harlem Renaissance had in my community is both inspiring and everlasting. I tend to keep my work nostalgic by using old-school techniques for the creation and then incorporate newer techniques/innovations for enhancement. After the passing of my Grand Mother Belinda I become very emotional so my work started to reflect it. I write the quote “I Miss Belinda” in all my pieces to honor her memory and to spread Love, Happiness and Positivity in my work.

Fortunately, I’ve been exposed to — and learned to work with — several different mediums, and I often combine a few in one work. Acrylic, Drawing, Stencil, Street Art, Collage, even Film are represented in my repertoire — as well as graffiti, which I view as an essential entry into Modern Art. Society believes that Graffiti/street art is destrucful and harmful; but in my opinion Graffiti/street art is an essential part of Modern Art and deserves respect as an art form. As I said before, Art is in my soul, and I feel inspired to share it to help people see the bright and colorful world that exists behind the dull grey reality they’ve been trained to accept.  For I believe the more they see that more beautiful world, the more motivated they will be to make that world their new reality.

Dantέ was born in Harlem, NYC. Dantέ was exposed to art at an early age by his older cousin. This cousin was enrolled in art school, and would teach Dantέ what he learned in school starting when Dantέ was just three years old. Dantέ was exposed to many forms of art in different media during his early years, and with that influence and guidance, Dantέ continued to pursue art throughout his life. After graduating from Parkside High School, in Salisbury, Maryland in 2003, he moved back to NY to attend the Pratt Institute School of Art and Design. Dantέ has now devoted his life to art and to solidify a legendary legacy in the art industry. Being the first male on both sides of his family to graduate from school, he feels a strong sense of dedication to this project, and understands how to deal with the expectations others place on him. Dantέ plans to meld graffiti/street art with contemporary artistic design. His current goal is to build an inspirational legacy for the up-and-coming student that not only accurately captures the essence of his past, but also helps to set the stage for his future.

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